Shipping Policy

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We ship from various oversees manufacturers. We try to find the best manufacturer for each and every product that we offer. Please note that this may lead to you receiving items from the same order at different dates and times.

The usual FREE DELIVERY time for Europe and the US is 12 to 39 days and up to 60 days for other parts of the world. Please see each product page for shipping times. *Please allow an extra 5 days flexibility for unforeseen weather conditions or extremely busy Sales periods. 

We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date & time. If you are buying a gift for someone else, we strongly recommend you order the product as far in advance as possible. We do not accept responsibility for delayed deliveries  as we do not control this process. 

We use some of the best international shipping companies and focus our efforts into continuously offering free delivery with all of our products. However, in some countries, the shipping companies charge an admin fee(~$10) for completing the paperwork required for the product to go through customs. This fee is only charged in a few countries and depends entirely on the agreement between the carrier and that country. This fee is not payable in advance so we cannot pay it for you. 

Please note that this is completely separate from the delivery fee which we have to pay them in order to offer free delivery with all of our products. We cannot be held responsible for this fee as it is completely out of our control. This fee falls under the responsibility of the buyer and we do not offer refunds/returns/cancellations requested because of this.

No system is perfect and we understand that on very rare occasions, your items might be delayed longer than expected or something might go wrong during transport. While this is completely out of our control and we cannot be held responsible for it, please contact us immediately if your order has not arrived within 50 days and we will issue a  Full Refund immediately.